Four struggling couples need therapy.
They get each other instead.
Group Therapy without the Therapist.

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"Then We Got Help" Contributors and Crew


Kickstarter Contributors,

Without the following generous people, Season 2 would not have been possible. We want to express our deepest gratitude to all of you.

Thank you again,

Executive Producers

Julie Ann Emery and Kevin Earley

Trudy Knowles, Sheri-Lynn Fujimoto, Thomas & Jack, Tate, Sean Mahon, Samuel  McMurray, Roger Bean, Rod Lurie, Robert Moe, Ray Simmons, Michelle Duffy, Mark Earley, kevin turner, geraldine hughes, Eleni Hagen, Wesley K Lam, Dyanne Earley, Carmen R. Sweitzer, Kristin Betzler, Frank Schiro, Ian Scott Schroeder, Bob Raube, Janice Fields, Scott Rathbun, Michael Litman, Jeremy Sortore, Dawn McMillan Austin, Beth Turner, Alan Zachary, Shilo Raube, Rob Reynolds, Renee, Melissa Center, Matt Cowart, Kim Muller, Kay Talley, Jennifer Ferrin, JennFan, Jan John Bell, Jackie Lemanski, Elle Sanders, Dawn Pupino, Dale Althea Heinen, BetsandSteve, Travis Lewis, Michel Marilouise, Janet Miller, Isabelle, Greg Walker, Eileen Fratantuno, David McDonald, Dan Moore, Catherine Missal, Bob Zaun, Mike Fratantuno, Dyanne Earley, Donovan, Sammie, Susan, and Tom Earley, Zack Calhoon, Russell Johnston, Nicole & Jessica Forsythe, lorraine turner, Larry Sullivan, Justin Robertson, Justin Palmquist, Julie Ulrich, Julie Mingus, Jon Hall, Elizabeth Painter, Carlotta Jo Malone.

Season One and Season Two

Janice “Momma” Fields -Catering

Renee Colvert

Zack Calhoon

Lisa Adams

Justin “Squiggs” Robertson

Wesley K. Lam

Deven Walker

Marianna Caldwell

Evie Gaynor

Shane Jacobsen

Dana Cuomo

Michael Halling

Natasha Harper

Holly and Steven Lefever

Jack Emery

Thomas Cochill

Casondra Campbell